Fixiki Mastera Fixiki Mastera
Exciting game with favorite characters that develops observation, ingenuity and resourcefulnes.
The Fixies: Moon adventures The Fixies: Moon adventures
A new game with Fixies. Let's fly to the Moon on the rocket that Papus built!
Lalaloopsy 3D Land Lalaloopsy 3D Land
A wonderful game with puppets Lalaloopsy by the popular cartoons. Offers five mini-games, more than 150 outfits for dolls and magical 3D journey through the country.
Fixiki Fixiki
Wonderful animated series about the Fixies. They are all around us, living inside of our machines and appliances, conscientiously cleaning, lubricating and repairing them.
Exciting strategy that challenge you to save and defend Ancient Greece from monsters, chaos and devastation.
Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy
Wonderful animated series about cute Lalaloopsy dolls.
Tiny Space Tiny Space
Exciting game that allows your child to feel like a real cosmonaut! The simple spaceship offers an infinite universe, funny characters, puzzles and quests that will keep your child excited all through the game.