Smart Grow: Drawing & Coloring
Kids early learning fun
Tracing simple shapes, step by step, and your child has easily drawn their masterpiece. Now the drawing comes alive, jumping and dancing! Let’s draw, color and play!

This app allows your child to draw their first masterpieces and play with them in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose an animal to draw.
  2. Choose colors, follow simple traces, and complete an animal!
  3. Now the cute masterpiece comes alive - play with it!

Would your child like more animals to draw and play with? No problem at all - 12 animals to start and more coming soon!

Are you impressed? There's even more:

  • An easy to use, creative, and child-friendly interface!
  • Fun and captivating design made for kids!
  • More animals and real life objects coming on a regular basis!

Download this app for free and let your child draw and play!


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  • Donald Shelby
    its good
  • Andy
    Great job! Cute design and gameplay!
  • Administrator
    Thank you!