Tap The Melody
Learn how to to play musical istrument
Wonderful music application for kids! Discover the world of music in an easy and engage way.

A game in which every child can feel like a real musician!

At your disposal there are eight tunes from the world-famous composers and four musical instruments: piano, guitar, accordion and flute.

Your kid can chooses melody, adjust the tempo and rhythm of the sound. During the game, he gets acquainted with the peculiarities of the music: the same melody sounds in different ways by different instruments.

In addition, you there are funny animations to each of the selected melody.

This application was developed with kids in mind, the melodies were carefully selected to encourage your child's development and allow him to unfold his creative side.

“Tap The Melody”— is a great way to get acquainted with music, develop sense of rhythm and creative ability of your kid!


Tap The Melody


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  • iPhone


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