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      • Natalia Sokova
        Honestly, I have lost my pattiance! The audio books are $5-6 each- which is in no way cheap. And out of 3 books that I paid for, only 1 was great- in terms of performance that is. Obviously, they are not resposible for the content. The first book with a problem was- nochnoi dozor (night watch), the last third part of the book was missing- but it was fixed 3 days later- so ok, no biggie, BUT the 3rd book of the series- сумеречный дозор- (sumerechnii dozor) has soooo many problems!!! And I emailed their support 3!!! 3 times!!! Sending them screen shots, the book has only the first part- whih is a third of the book AND to top it off- the chapters repeat themselves 4-5 times in a row, and some chapters are randomly appearing in various places. Its a mess!!!!! I want my money back!!! Oh and I am very very very fristrated that they wont answer and wont fix the problem after being asked nicely for 3 times!!! I WILL spread the word! So rude!! Conplete fail!!!