Masha and the Bear: New Adventure
The newest, hottest adventure, the first multiplayer game ft. Masha and the Bear
Hooray! The newest, hottest adventure game Masha and the Bear: New Adventure

The newest adventures of the Masha and Bear animation series are here in their most recent game!

With the onset of spring, floods are again creating chaos for the animals. This time, the poor squirrels are left on small, lonely islands, desperately needing to be saved.  Nobody is coming to their rescue….but wait!  Brave Masha has hopped on an air balloon to save the squirrels who are in need of help.

Complete with simple and entertaining gameplay, awesome graphics, advanced animation, physical effects, and authentic Masha and the Bear music, sounds and phrases, this is the game that kids have missed!

Don't worry, we've taken care of the older ones as well.  Mums, dads, brothers and sisters can all save the squirrels and compete with each other in the multi-player modes.  Show off to see who is faster and smarter!


  • Highly user-friendly
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Filled with appealing graphics from Masha and the Bear
  • Original sound, phrases and music from the animated series
  • Multi-player mode

Download the game for free now!  Come on, new adventures are waiting for you!


New Adventure


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