Fixiki Mastera
Exciting quest where you can fix things
Exciting game with favorite characters that develops observation, ingenuity and resourcefulnes.

Does your child often wonder how appliances and household items work? If so, this is the perfect game. 


Fixies are small creatures that live inside appliances and have the know-how and the technical skills that come in handy when it comes to fixing things.


This brand new game will take your child into the exciting world of Fixies, leading to increased attentiveness and developed curiosity while keeping him or her entertained. 


Feautring many rooms full of home appliances to be fixed, with new ones regularly added to the game in order to keep your child entertained for endless hours of entertainment and learning. 


This completely free game features child-safe ads that can be switched off after upgrading to the paid version.


New huge update!
Fixies the Masters!


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  • Phone


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